Friday, August 14, 2009

1920: Church Site Purchased

On September 15, 1920, Rev. Peter J. Hart, pastor of the Broad Street Park Catholic Mission, purchased a parcel of land at the corner of New Cedar Lane and Lafayette Avenue. The construction of a combination Church and school building began on the site in the spring of 1921. The first Mass was celebrated in the new building and the building was dedicated by Bishop Walsh on October 9. The canonical establishment of the parish occurred a few days after the dedication and the new parish was named Church of the Holy Angels.


  1. Excellent photo, Jim! I had never seen it. Holy Angels was a mission church of my church, Sacred Heart on Centre and So. Broad Streets.

    Tom Glover

  2. Great picture:)
    Although I must point out Junior4 beat
    Holy Angels in an improvised football
    game in Franklin Park in the 70s...
    nah... I forget who won but I remember
    playing those guys.