Friday, November 8, 2013

NOTE:  story begins at the November 5 post

         The assemblyman looked calmly at the pilot and replied:  "I have heard that the bottom of this lake is full of quick sand pits and I choose to take a chance on the gasoline rather than get caught in quick sand:  you just swim along little boy, and I"ll be on shore when the bell rings."
         Just then the fast sinking ship gave a great lurch and over toppled the Assemblyman into the water.  He struck out for the shore like an old fashioned side wheeler.  Speaking about it afterwards, Mr Barber said he did not know he could swim with his clothes on until last night.
         As the war correspondent approached the shore he sighted a gay object headed due south and making good time.  Later it developed that his object was the new admiral's cap worn so proudly early in the evening by Admiral Lee.
         Although Admiral Lee was first to reach shore he was unable to leave the water until his crew arrived, then he was dry docked without injury.  Deckhand Blackwell offered a liberal reward to any one who would to back to the ship and get his other shoe but the ten gallon tank of gasoline offset any reward.
         Pilot Palmer was slightly burned and Paymaster Hamill was kissed on the funny bone by a large roman candle.  The rest of the crew and the Admiral escaped without any damages.  The boat was wrecked,
         Arriving at the White City Casino, the officers and members of the crew went into a judicial session which resulted in the court-martialing of Admiral Lee for being the first to desert the ship.
         This morning a survivors association was formed with Mr. Lee as president.

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