Thursday, November 7, 2013

NOTE:  story begins at November 5 post

      When Admiral Lee went overboard, Paymaster Hamill was standing in the conning tower and the ship, relieved of the great weight of the admiral, careened viciously, tossing the paymaster into the lake backwards, new straw hat and all.  The paymaster thought the act was intentional on the  part of the admiral and he immediately struck out for him with deadly intent.  However, the admiral was swimming in a way that would have made Captain Webb open his eyes in wonder and the paymaster never got near enough to even tell him what he would do if he did catch him.
        On the battleship all was commotion.  The war correspondent was tying to throw the exploding fireworks overboard:  Deckhand Blackwell was sitting in the bottom of the boat dodging skyrockets and removing his shoes preparatory to following his brave admiral over the side:  Ensign Green was shouting to Admiral Lee and Paymaster Hamill that they were cowards to thus give up the ship while Deckhand Barber was calmly sitting on the forward deck admiring the fireworks display in the boat.  Suddenly, Pilot Palmer shouted "There's a ten gallon can of gasoline in the forward Part of the boat!"
         "Gasoline!"  That was the tip for the war correspondent to get into the lake and away from the ship as fast as possible and over he went.  Deckhand Blackwell followed suit with one shoe on and the other left in the boat.  Pilot Palmer also took to the water at this time and Deckhand Barber was the only one of the gallant crew left in the burning ship.  Pilot Palmer turned and seeing the Assemblyman, shouted:  "Great God, man, you are sitting right over that tank of gasoline - jump out before you are blown up!"

                                                                   (to be continued)

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