Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1940: South Broad Street from Sewell Avenue

This exquisite photograph from the Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection depicts the view of South Broad Street , southbound lane, at Sewell Avenue, circa 1940.   Remember to right click and open  in a new window for a better view.  Previously remembered businesses Heintz Jewelers and Orland's Tailoring can be seen after the lone automobile pictured on the left.   The street meting Broad under the  billboard is Lily Street.  The corner store where the three men are standing was later Sam's Liquors with Azzaro's Tomato Pies next door.  Further down can be seen the Park 5c & 10c Store. A 2012 photograph of the same stretch can be seen below.

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  1. When our office (Appraisal Exchange) was in Broad Street Park it was on this block. The store on the corner was called S & M Deli in those 1980s days :)