Monday, July 19, 2010

1936: Abrams Brothers, Trappers

Trenton Sunday Times-Advertiser, March 15, 1936

            Scenes usually associated with the Canadian Wilds were enacted every day during the trapping season on "The Meadows" below Broad Street Park.  A trap line, operated by Russell and William Abrams, was the largest trap line in New Jersey at the time.  In the top photograph, Russell Abrams displays some of the muskrat pelts taken in the snares.  Russell Abrams and his setter, "Abrams Belle", are seen in the lower photograph.  The trapping of fur-bearing animals in densely populated areas had its disadvantages, the principal one being poachers.  The 1,300 acres adjacent to White City Lake leased by the brothers was visited by people who often attempted to steal not only their catch but their traps as well.  A fairly efficient policing system was developed by the brothers.  Another aid to the trappers was the report that much of the land was spotted with quicksand which kept the timid from venturing too far from the main trails.    

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  1. We could see Russ Abrams' home across the marsh from our place at the end of Julia Avenue. As a boy, my friends and I knew about the "policing system" enforced by Russ's dogs, and the rumor he had a shotgun loaded with rock salt to welcome any trespassers. The property was well posted. Thanks for this memory

    Chris M.