Thursday, July 15, 2010

1935: Looking Back

Trenton Evening Times, February 17, 1935

  The Sportsmen's Fish and Game Protective Association staged a regular weekly shoot over its traps in BSP, location unknown.  One of the goals of the organization was to improve hunting and fishing conditions in the county and state.


  1. Charles A. Ginther was my great grandfather. He was president of the SFGPA from 1911 until 1938. Members of this organization had powers to arrest and fine for fish and game violations. I have the membership book and a few of the badges that were issued to members. Charles worked as a china decorator at Scammells pottery in Trenton. Jim Humphrey

  2. According to a 1912 Trenton Times item, the traps were located on the Pitman farm below Broad Street Park.