Friday, April 23, 2010

1912: Former Rowan Farm Subdivided

 Trenton Evening Times,  March 30, 1912

The Rowan/Willey Mansion was known as "Park Place".  The 80 foot wide avenues mentioned are Park and Lake Avenues.  Interesting is the statement that the area will be the center of Trenton.  Perhaps it was more acceptable to refer to the area as Trenton and not Hamilton. 


  1. Hi Jim:)
    I see this is from 1912 and the City of Trenton
    had gobbled up Chambersburg in the late 1880s
    and to quote the ad "the city will surely grow
    eastward"...Thus they might really be saying
    that this could be a future center of Trenton..
    there are often great dreams in real estate ads

  2. The advocates for a Greater Trenton continuously proposed annexation of Broad Street Park from 1900-1920. Residents were not strongly in favor of joining Trenton. Eugene S. Willey was one of them.