Saturday, February 20, 2010

1917: New Fire Company in BSP

Trenton Evening Times, November 16,1917

It is interesting that some people felt the need to establish a fire company in addition to Rusling Hose Company which had been in existence for 21 years.  A newspaper article concerning the fire at Walter Smith's barn on Schiller Avenue on November 22, 1920 states in the last paragraph:  "The Rusling Hose Company has Colby M. Barcalow as its chief, while the Broad Street Park Company, a genuine rival for fire-extinguishing honors out there, has Thomas J. Palmer as its chief".  Thomas Palmer was at one time a member of Rusling Hose Company as was Harry Allen who is also mentioned in the above article .  It is reported that the only equipment the new company had was extinguishers and brooms.  It is doubtful  they could compete on an even par with that equipment and obviously realized they couldn't be "a genuine rival" once Rusling acquired its Stutz engine in 1920.  Information exists which indicates the Broad Stret Park Fire Company was no longer in existence by the beginning of 1921.

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  1. AHA! Finally a possible connection
    to the Allens on Hewitt Street around the
    corner from me in the Burg. More clues needed
    but perhaps this is the start:)