Monday, January 18, 2010

Rice's Golf Range

The golf range was a 23 acre site that stretched from South Broad Street to Independence Avenue.  Golf balls were driven from a sectioned wooden platform that ran parallel to South Broad Street.  Distance markers were positioned on the range.  Gravatts custard (soft ice cream) store whose exterior resembled swirls of soft ice cream and their hot dog stand was located on the corner of Oldfield Avenue.  The Independence Plaza now sits on the land of the former driving range. 


  1. Ummm. I was only a little girl, but the frozen custard stand ws my favorite place to go.

  2. I think that Custard Stand was Black Agnus Meats in my day:)

  3. Vic Rice was my wife's uncle, and one helluva golfer. He was Pro in residence at Greenacres Country Club in Lawrence Twp.
    When ever there was a Realtor's or Appraiser's golf outing, I would go out to see Uncle Vic, and get a refresher course. Vic finally gave up on me as I never got any better.
    The one thing I remember about Gravatts Custard stand, which incidently was not like a "Custad Swirl", but more like an Igloo, but the eyes on the beautiful Mrs. Gravatt. The made Paul Newman's famous blue eyes look lie stones!!
    I learned to eat a lot of custard just to see her smile with those eyes!!

    Best wishes

    Mike Kuzma

  4. Mr. Colello - I, too, remember Gravatt's frozen custard stand and those swirls! Doesn't someone out there have a picture of this landmark so we can show our children a truly 1950's icon? What great memories!
    Lakeside Girl

  5. I enjoyed the miniature golf course adjacent to the driving range. I think the 18th hole was a clown's mouth on an up-ramp. If you got a hole-in-one you received a free miniature golf round.