Sunday, January 31, 2010

1956: Spring Lake Park Dedication

 Spring Lake Park was dedicated on October 6, 1956.  U.S. Senator Clifford P. Case was the principal speaker.  One of the highlights of the day was a parade through Broad Street Park.  Taking part in the parade was Legion Post 93 Junior Band, Color Guard of Post 31, Mercer Voiture 235, 40 and 8, and its locomotive, the uniformed unit of Post 93, Rusling Hose Company, White Horse Fire Company, Busy Beaver Blue Birds, Sunshine Blue Birds and Camp Fire Girls.  The Star Spangled Banner was sung by Sonia Hatrak accompanied by Ruth Cunningham.  The invocation was given by Rev. Frederick Mills, pastor of Broad Street Park Methodist Church.  The benediction was given by Rev. Thomas E. Carney, pastor of Holy Angels Church.  Music was provided by the Stanley Ryba Band and by the Dellaira Trio.


  1. Wow. I lived a block from there, on the corner of Park and Westcott. I was 3 years old and could in one of the pictures. I do remember sledding and skating on the lake when I was still pretty little, but then our parents began to tell us not to go "down the lake" because there might be dangerous things there. Where in BSP did the parade go, i wonder?

  2. According to a newspaper article on planned festivities, the parade was to form at the American Legion Home at Schiller and Buchanan Avenues. The parade route was from Schiller to Park Avenue, west on Park to Independence, south to Lake Avenue, east to Lafayette Avenue, north to Sewell Avenue and into the park.