Friday, November 27, 2009

White City Roller Rink

Hamilton Township Public Library Local History collection

The White  City Roller Rink operated in the building pictured above located between Genesee Street and South Clinton Avenue along Rennie Street.  Many might remember the building being the home of Jackson Distributors for many years. It is reported that the roller rink was a popular place from its opening until its closing sometime during World War II.


  1. Hi Jim:)
    I hope you and your loved ones had a nice

    I remember Jackson Distributors. Electronics
    was a hobby for me as a kid in the 70s.
    Tube TVs were still plentiful and when one
    broke you could take all the tubes here
    and test them and if one was bad you could
    buy a new one cheap.

    According to my records the address of this
    is 1900 Genesee Street.
    A Mr John A Weeast owned it:)

    1. I also have great memories of Jackson Distributore. I can not remenber all of the workers names except Rudy. Who was the stocky guy with light hair and partially bold? Was this the owner John?