Monday, August 24, 2009

E.S. Willey School

Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection
The Eugene S. Willey School was completed circa 1919 on Rowan Avenue between McClellan and Randall Avenues at a cost of $32,000. The school contained eight classrooms with a total capacity of 320 children. Four basement rooms were devoted to manual training work. The opening of the school relieved congestion that had existed at the Rowan and DeCou schools. The first principal was Mrs. Kate B. Cochran.

The former Eugene S. Willey School today houses the offices of the Hamilton Educational Program.


  1. What a great picture of a cool looking building:)

  2. Jim-
    It's still a classic looking building. Great picture.
    Curious as to the principal... Eugene's 3rd wife was a Kate B. Willey-school teacher per the 1920 census. They were married between 1915 and 1916. One in the same, I wonder?

  3. Pam, Good question. If principal Kate B. married Eugene wouldn't she be Mrs. Willey in 1919? If principal Kate B. was Mrs. Willey and was ahead of her time and wanted to use her maiden name, why would she be referred to as MRS. Cochran

  4. Further research revealed that Mrs. Kate B. Cochran, principal of the E.S. Willey School, became the bride of Eugene S. Willey on June 19, 1916.