Monday, July 13, 2009

1909: Police Protection

A Police Committee was formed in 1903 for the purpose of establishing police protection in BSP. At the Rusling Hose Company meeting of June 29, 1903, the following resolution was read: Whereas, at a former meeting of Rusling Hose Company it was decided to grant the citizens of Broad Street Park the privilege of erecting a small building on the land belonging to said Company to be used as a Police Station. Therefore, be it Resolved, that this Company does now approve of said citizens placing such building on the rear of the Hose Company lot. Building to be the property of the citizens to be moved at their discretion to some other lot in Broad Street Park and a notice of two months shall be given by said citizens to said Hose Company at any time they may desire to have the building removed from the property of Rusling Hose Company. The resolution was adopted and it was decided that the building would be placed on the southwest corner of the property.

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