Monday, December 9, 2013

1903: Crosswicks Creek Flood

     From time to time historical information from areas outside of Broad Street Park such as DeCou Village (Fairview Park), Lalor Tract and Deutzeville will be presented.  This Fairview Park post provides two images from the late Michael Rusnak's collection of the October 1903 Crosswicks Creek flood.

     This image depicts a barge or chucker, as it was sometimes called, on the swollen Crosswicks Creek at the Lacey Farm.  Submerged are trolley tracks where the telegraph poles are surrounded by water.  At the head of the barge is Tom Lacey, next with an oar is Isador Lacey and with the other oar is George Lacey.

     This image depicts a house across the road from where the long gone White Horse Bowling Academy once existed and the Lacey Farm showing flood water up to the front step.  

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