Wednesday, April 24, 2013

William B Widmann

The State Gazette, July 1923


Mr. Widmann is connected to Broad Street Park by virtue of being elected the first honorary member of Rusling Hose Company in April 1902.  Mr. Widmann donated a silver fire horn commonly seen as the horn carried by the Chief as he leads a parade.  The inscription on the horn reads, "Presented to Rusling Hose Company, Broad Street Park, by William B. Widmann, Yardville, N.J., April 22, 1902."  Mr. Widmann was the proprietor of the Yardville Hotel at the time.  He was a member of the Eagle Fire Company in Trenton - one of the volunteer companies in the City before it became a paid department in 1892.  Mr. Widmann was tragically killed when his automobile was struck by a train in 1923.    

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