Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1912: Willey Subdivides Old Rowan Farm

Eugene S. Willey purchased Andrew K. Rowan's farm in 1900.  Pictured is the subdivision plat map filed by Willey in 1912.  These old plan maps always prove interesting as does this one when viewing the portion between Independence Avenue and the bluff behind the Watson House.  The streets to the south of Independence Avenue never were constructed.  Park and Lake Avenues do not extend beyond Independence Avenue.  Watson Avenue coincides with today's Westcott Avenue.  It is interesting that Overlook Avenue was planned to run behind the Watson House and that Rowan Avenue was to be extended (indicated by the word CONTINUATION).  The dark line coming from Schiller Avenue, down Park Avenue and turning left on Independence, is the trolley tracks of the Camden and Trenton Railway.  


  1. Jim-
    Wow...puts things in perspective. As the back of Eugene's home now sits directly on Lafayette, it's obvious that the road was extended through his property at some point.
    Thanks once more for helping me research the history of my family!

  2. Very Cool. I lived from 50's until 70's on northwest corner of Park and Westcott. Park does extend beyond Independence Avenue to Westcott (and a block further to "the woods"... where we were told NEVER to go.) Lake Avenue doesnt go beyond Independence. Cathy Moore Jacobs