Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nuncy Russo's Beer Garden

Trenton Evening Times, April 4, 1934

Although it is known that this building once housed a tavern, this is the first advertisement found indicating it was a beer garden.  The R&H Brewing Company operated in the Stapleton neighborhood on Staten Island.  R&H switched to near-beer during Prohibition  before going back to regular beer in the 1930s.  R&H was bought out by Piels Beer in 1953.  Piels closed the R&H plant and the brand entirely a year later. 


  1. 201 Harrison Avenue was called Broad Street Park Tavern in 1942 on Nuncy Russo's draft registration.
    It says his father Joseph Russo owner. It says Nuncy parents Gelsanlina (B Italy 1860) and Joseph Russo (B 1856 Italy).

    (Mike MacNicoll)