Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remembering When

You know you grew up in Broad Street Park if you remember:

1.  The Park 5c and 10c store on South Broad Street.

2.  Dr. Dodge's office on South Broad Street.

3.  The unique sound of the fire horn atop Rusling Hose Company headquarters that      sounded an alarm.     

4.  Cold spells that froze White City Lake to allow ice skating.

5.  The gas station at the corner of South Broad Street and Harrison Avenue.

6.  The playground on McClellan Avenue.

7. The one-room building at the end of New Cedar Lane where the boy scouts  met.

8.  Friedman and Frompkin drug store on South Broad Street.

9.  The fire company and church carnivals.

10.  The ACME on South Broad opposite New Cedar Lane.                    


  1. 11. If you know where Devil's Bend is.

  2. I remember when the auto parts place was an A&P:)

  3. I remember all of them. I also remember Ben Kushel's Deli next to the Harris Dep't store and Light's Confectionery next door to Ben's.
    the first 3 chapters of my memoir detail growing up on South Broad Street (2049) in the forties and fifties.
    Bob (Butch) Stockton

  4. The one room house at the end of New Cedar Lane is where I attended my kindergarten and 1st grade class's in 1949 & 1950 at Holy Angels

  5. there was a triangular sign right on the corner of the gas station on broad and harrison. we use to sit inside it and horse around with people walking by.