Sunday, January 16, 2011

1913: Perey's Aeroplane

Daily State Gazette, July 8, 1913
Trenton Evening Times, July 9, 1913

Trenton Evening Times, July 14, 1913

It was reported that a good-sized crowd gathered to see Alexander Perey's unsuccessful attempts to fly his aeroplane.  There are no reports if Mr. Perey ever attempted to fly his airplane again or what happened to him or his aircraft.  Information does exist regarding his nephew Charles Perey, Jr.   Young Mr. Perey enlisted in the army in 1918 and was assigned to Fort Slocum, Kelly Field, where he received instruction in the School of Aeronautics.  By 1919 he attained the rank of lieutenant in the Air Service, U.S. Army.  He wed Elizabeth D. Stewart of 515 Lalor Street on June 10 and began a painting and paperhanging business from is home at 2416 South Clinton Avenue in 1920.

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