Monday, December 6, 2010

1950: Rusling's First Ambulance

Trenton Evening Times, October 15, 1950
Rusling Hose Company organized the first ambulance corps in Hamilton Township on October 10, 1950 and responded to their first call on October 25, 1950 in a 1948 Henny-Packard Ambulance pictured above.


  1. Jim, do you have any information regarding the personnel that manned the ambulance in the beginning? I believe that my cousin, Marion D Lind-Dodd, may have been a member of that squad. I remember, as a child, that there was numerous conversations regarding her and the work she did for Rusling after she graduated from St Francis as an RN. She lived at 47 Annabelle Avenue in a home build by our grandfather Walter Lee Irons. He worked for the Reeger Construction Co which was owned by his wife's family and build most of the homes in the area. Annabelle and Reeger Aves. are named for the family. Kathy Csorgo Annaccarato

  2. Kathy, the Rusling Hose Company Ambulance Corps and Recure Squad was organized in 1950. Members of the Company were required to serve as firefighters and ambulance corpsmen. Therefore I seriously doubt your cousin Marion was a member of that squad. During the 1940s there was a group of dedicated people who served in the Rusling Hose Red Cross First Aid Squad. These people were experienced first aid instuctors who served in St. Francis Hospital on first aid and emergency cases during WWII and gave volunteer civilian defense first aid courses to citizens residing in the fire distict. I surmise your cousin served with this group. If my research reveals any information about your cousin, I will advise you.