Monday, June 28, 2010

PROFILE: Kate B. Cochran Willey, - 1939

Kate B. (Carter) Cochran began her teaching career as principal of the school in her home town of White Hill.  She became principal of the new Rowan School in 1909.  It was reported that Mrs. Cochran raised Rowan School to one of the best regulated schools in the county by introducing studies that were not called for in grammar schools.  She taught seventh and eighth grades and taught students during the summer at her home on Lafayette Avenue.  She was a musician of note who performed on the piano and mandolin.  She led singing in the school as well as the Broad Street Park M.E. Church Sunday school.  Mrs. Cochran moved to a new home on South Broad Street in 1913.  She became the principal of the new E.S. Willey School in 1914.  The annual reunions of the Alumni Association of the now two Broad Street Park Schools continued at her home on South Broad Street.  Mrs. Cochran, widow of Hugh Cochran, married Eugene S. Willey on June 25, 1916 at Park Place.  She eventually gave up the responsibilities of being a principal but continued to teach   She was teaching the seventh grade at Lalor School in 1934.   Mrs Willey was a member of the Hamilton Township Library Commission. 

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