Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BSP Indian Artifacts, Part I

Trenton Times Sunday Advertiser, October 19, 1919

  It is fascinating to learn of the interest and effort of Parkers past.  Mr Cook's archaeological activity provides us information on the very first Parkers.

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  1. I grew up and still live near the old Watson House. I remember when I was a kid, way before it became a museum, another Indian skull was found on the bank in back of the house. This had to be back in the late 50's. When the Indepndence Mall was built, plenty of Indian relics were found since the area was dug up for the foundation. All the neighborhood kids joined in the search, and I still have plenty of them that I saved all these years. When Vic Rice developed Independence Ave., Westcott Ave. and Wedge Drive (in back of the mall), more Indian relics were found. Some were bought on site, after their discovery.