Friday, January 22, 2010

1956: Driving Range to Mall

Trenton Evening Times, May 16, 1956

Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection

 Trenton Evening Times, June 6, 1956

Hamilton Township Public Library Local Hostory Collectio
The zoning variance appoval eventually led to the contruction of the Independence Mall.  The Mall and surrounding parking areas encompassed all of the land of the former golf driving range.  A few years ago the Mall was redesigned as a shopping center and is known as Independence Plaza.


  1. Stores from back in the day at Independence Mall: Dawnson's, Big C, Murphy's,
    Dunham's, Thrift Drug, Lombardo Music.
    There was a fountain with a pretzel/hot dog . There was a pizza place called Pizza City.
    The Theatre was an Eric Twin:)

  2. Dawson's was first called Feese on the Mall - the owner was Ray Kay. I worked there in high school. There was also an Italian ice Stand and a men's clothing store and a grocery store - i think an Acme.

  3. The grocery store was called Pantry Pride. A library was there also. I remember a card store, and Leonards too.