Thursday, December 10, 2009

Emil's Bake Shop

This is an advertisement taken from a 1951 dedication publication.  Emil's served the BSP area for many years thereafter.  The bake shop was located near Cedar Lane and across Broad Street from Little Mike's.  The bake shop eventually went out of business and the building today is occupied by Vizzoni's Pharmacy. 


  1. Owner Emil Nitzsche in 1957.

    I found these folks in Trenton in 1920

    Nitzsche John, baker, res 243 Second. Nitzsche Reinhold, baker...hmmmmm

    I also find a John & Sophie Nitzsche on
    Jeremiah Avenue then. John is listed as
    a Baker in 1957

    It says Joseph Smith owns Emils Bakery
    in 1963. (?)

    1. Birthday cakes from Emil's bakery are one of the highlights of my childhood in Trenton and Hamilton.

  2. I attended Rowan School, down the street from Rusling Hose. The police station was no longer there when I was a kid.