Saturday, December 19, 2009

Broad & Park Esso

Hamilton Township Public Libary Local History Collection

 This ESSO (acronym for Eastern States Standard Oil) station was operated by Mr. Costello in the early 1950s and later became Gadsby's.  The last proprietor I recall was Ed Moneypenny.  The ESSO name changed to HUMBLE in 1960.  Remember the advertising, "Put a tiger in your tank"?  In 1972, EXXON became the unified name for all former ESSO outlets.


  1. Tom Gadsby's Father had the Esso Parking Garage
    behind the Broad Street Bank Building on Montgomery street before the Broad Street Service station.Charles Anderson

  2. Gadsbys working at this place and or living
    in the apartments right there in 1957

    George & Anna
    Leonard & Janice
    Tom & Margaret
    Tom & Betty