Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1929: Hamilton High School Approved

Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection
Hamilton High opened in 1930.  It was another first for Broad Street Park in the development of Hamilton Township and served  students as the only high school for many years until a second (Steinert) and third (Nottingham) were opened as a result of the growth of the municipality.  Now let me mount my soapbox.  I find it grossly inconsistent today to refer to Hamilton High as "Hamilton West" when the other high schools are called by their names previously mentioned. Let's have either Hamilton West, Hamilton East and Hamilton North or Hamilton, Steinert and Nottingham!

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  1. Better would be East, West, and North or Steinert, Watson, and Nottingham. HHSW is the Edward A. Watson Memorial High School; he was an early attendance officer for the school district.