Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1933: Rusling's Lincoln Apparatus

Photograph Courtesy of Rusling Hose Company

In August1933, Rusling Hose Company inspected and purchased a Lincoln chassis at the Willey Motor Company on South Broad Street.  A committee was appointed to furnish a suitable body and make all necessary alterations until the vehicle was transformed into a hose wagon with booster tank.  By September, the chassis had been painted, the dashboard covered in aluminum and an estimate received from Fitz-Gibbbon & Crisp for completion of the body at a cost of $150.  The Lincoln was placed in service on January 22, 1934.


  1. Excellent photo, Jim! I note the old school in the background. Haven't seen a photo of it in a long time.

    Tom Glover

  2. Tom, as we know but others may not, the former Rowan School is pictured in the background. Today the site is occupied by Station 13, Rusling Hose Company.