Friday, September 11, 2009

1928: New Police Station

Trenton Times 3/9/1928
Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection

Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection
The original police station in BSP was erected at 547 Schiller Avenue in 1903. The 1920 Trenton Directory listed a Hamilton Township Police Station No. 1 at 225 Schiller Avenue. That address does not exist today and no information was found regarding a station in that area. The station at Harrison and Lafayette Avenues served the Township until a new police station on White Horse- Mercerville Road was completed in 1967.


  1. I think I remember this, Didnt it become
    some sort of School?

  2. Yes, Mack. It was part of the Miriam Morris Private School for a while.
    Jim C

  3. I remember the police station well from back in the early 60's. I was 8 or 10. My young friends and I would go bike riding and would challenge each other to go in and get a drink from water fountain. It was just inside the front doors on the right.

    Looking back, I'm sure the police got a kick out of us, and didn't give us a ration.

    I also remember a police three-wheeled vehicle (motorcycle trike) with a big clock-like device that showed speed as he rode around. Related to the Harrison Ave police station, this gizmo was parked in that little garage on the Lafayette side. None of the 1960s vehicles could fit in there, I'm guessing.

    Great website BTW

    Kevin Leahy -