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1923: Rusling Hose Company Wins Ford

Pictured is Rusling Hose Company's Ford apparatus present at the dedication of the Hamilton Township municipal building in 1929.
Hamilton Township Public Library Local History Collection

The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 20, 1923


Volunteer Force of Broad Street Park Captures Sixteenth Inquirer Daily Award

Until the great Ford-a-Day contest was started by the Inquirer on April 2, and fifty free Ford touring cars were offered by this newspaper in a stupendous series of contests, members of Rusling Hose Company were in doubt as to how they were going to obtain the expensive apparatus necessary for fighting fires.

On the day the announcement of the contest was made by the Inquirer, a member of the Company read it and immediately communicated it to the rest of the organization. And therupon they hit on an idea. All members were urged to participate in the competition by securing subscriptions to The Daily Inquirer, and the credits were to be given to the fire company. And this morning it is announced that the sixteenth free Ford was won by the Hose Company on Thursday, April 19.

The chassis of the car won by the fire company, and which will be delivered by a Ford agency in Trenton as soon as the order which is being sent to the fire company is presented, will be used as a fire truck and upon it will be mounted the apparatus.

Every member of the Company participated in the contest, securing subscriptions to The Inquirer from residents of Broad Street Park. Each volunteer was assigned a group to visit and solicit their subscription.

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