Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home/Office/Memorial Home

This building at 2141 South Broad Street was originally built as the home of Joseph Edgar Willey, Jr. of Willey Lumber Company and Eugene S. Willey & Bro. construction contractors. Willey Lumber Company once occupied the entire block on South Broad Street where the house is located. J. Edgar passed away in 1930 and the property became the office and residence of Dr. Ira Leedom. The property later became Buklad Memorial Home and continues as such to this day.
Special thanks to Kenneth Moore, Buklad Memorial Home, and Pam Townsend, great granddaughter of Eugene S. Willey, for providing information for this post.


  1. Jim-
    What a beautiful home it must have been, and still is. I assume the Willey's were of fairly high importance in Broad Street Park 100 +/- years ago. How proud they would be to see what you and Tom are doing with your sites! I'm sure they are smiling!
    Thanks again-

  2. Pam: Don't sell yourself shsort! You have been a real asset to the Broad Street Park entries in my, and Jim's website. Jim, what an incredibly beautiful photo! We have to talk about how to reduce the size so it isn't overly large. Your site gets better every day.

    Tom Glover