Monday, July 27, 2009

1917: Tilton's Bakery

This was an established business in BSP for many years. The owners were Fred and Alice Bates Tilton. Fred and Alice learned the bakery business from Harry Townsend who operated Townsend's Bakery on South Olden Avenue. Personal memories are that prior to every trip to visit relatives in Beach Haven, a stop was necessary at Tilton's due to a lack of good bakeries on Long Beach Island.
Special thanks to Pam Townsend for providing information for this post.


  1. Hi Jim:)
    I found this on Tilton's Bakery listing
    in 1957:
    Tilton's Bakery
    Fred Tilton: Pre
    Ada K Booz: V Pres
    Alice Watson: Sec
    Harold Tilton: Treas

    Fred lived at 606 E Howell St
    Harold lived at 2023 Greenwood Ave
    Ada lived at 103 Locust St
    Alice lived at 2100 Pennington Ave

    I note that Fred lived near the creek on
    Cedar Lane I recently got a pic of from
    SJBill and posted .
    And Alice's address TODAY is a 7-11
    and 2023 Greenwood is mentioned in a Riggs family item on Tom Glovers site.

  2. Hi Jim-
    Boy, are you bringing back memories!

    And thanks to Mack for his input on the Tiltons. As a kid, I used to walk to the general store that sat on the corner of Pennington Rd and Ewingville Rd (now the 7-11). It was operated by George Tilton, I believe, another of Fred and Alice's children. The Dutch colonial they lived in still stands next door.

  3. Oh You're welcome Pam:)
    Jims post was cool. This bakery a bit before
    my time so its nice to see the ad:)

  4. Hi Jim
    My cousin has a cake slicer made from bakalite with the Tilton logo and adress etc.
    Until 2 years ago that was all we knew about our relatives in America. Pam will tell you how we found them again (bit spooky)
    What we did know was that the Townsends and Tiltons went out (they were my grandfathers cousins) to the States to set up a bakery in Trenton and were flooded out twice.
    I will get a photo of the slicer.
    Pete Turner
    Stoke on Trent

  5. Has anyone done a family tree on Fred and Alice Bates Tilton? I'm trying to determine if they might be relatives...


  6. Dominick (Chip) AzzaroAugust 17, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    I remember Tiltons very well ,in that my family owned and operated Azzaro Bothers Tomato pies for many years.

  7. peg henderson-millsJune 12, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    another great memory from my past. the kids in our neighborhood and our parents went there all the time. my girlfriend and i used to go around back and fred would give us fresh baked creme doughnuts before they went out front. in his words "sshhhh dont tell anyone". of course, we ever did because we wanted to keep getting more. they were very nice people.

  8. Pete Turner...I believe you may know some of the missing family history that I've been searching father was a Tilton, My grandmother, Alice Bates, was born in Stoke on Trent. Please contact me at Thanks!

  9. Hi! I am also a relative...Alice Bates Tilton Watson was my paternal grandmother (so the bakery was owned by my great grandparents). I am working on our family tree, and I would love to help out in any way I can! Pam Watson Mueller

  10. Joyce (Pallay) GuglielmoSeptember 5, 2012 at 11:39 PM

    Our family used to stop at Tilton's bakery on Sunday mornings after Mass at Holy Angel's to get fresh baked salt sticks (anybody remember them?). We had them with coffee as that was when you had to fast from midnite to receive communion.