Monday, July 20, 2009

1912: Catholic Mission

1915 South Broad Street
Gibbs Hall in 1912
In the summer of 1912, the Bishop of the Diocese of Trenton was approched by a committee who desired to establish a Catholic parish in Broad Street Park. A census of the area was undertaken to determine the number of Catholics and the result was the formation of the Broad Street Park Catholic Mission. Gibbs Hall, 1915 South Broad Street, was rented for Sunday afternoon meetings. In the fall of 1915, the Bishop established a mission church. Gibbs Hall was permanently leased and transformed into a church. The first Mass was celebrated on Sunday, August 13, 1916. In 1918, the Bishop placed the mssion church under the jurisdiction of Sacred Heart Parish, Trenton.


  1. This was also HARRIS DEPARTMENT STORE in
    the 1950s and was FRANKS BIG AND TALL in
    the 1960s according to my records:)

  2. I remember it as Franks's Big and Tall Men's Shop, I worked there starting in 1965 and stayed with them till 1978. Great Picture.